Sixers Have Three Finalists for Potential New Mascot

by December 06, 2011

Ever since “Hip-Hop” was kicked to the curb, the Sixers have narrowed their choices for a new mascot down to three candidates. Neither one will blow your socks off. Per the Philly Inquirer: “The owners reviewed drawings and have selected three finalists. Voting is under way at The three finalists are: 1) A 7-foot tall rendition of Ben Franklin, named ‘Big Ben.’ * 2) Franklin Dogg, the All-American pet, adapted from artist drawings from the day nestled under the table beside Franklin. 3) Phil E. Moose, a 7-foot tall adaption of a basketball player; the moose being ‘one of the most regal animals to roam the wild.’ Once a selection is made, Raymond will help bring the winner to life. The new mascot is expected to debut early in the season.”