Take the SLAM Survey For Our 200th Issue

Who would’ve thought back in 1994 that a magazine with cover lines like “Slamboyant Sneaks Slamadamonth!” and “Krazy Mad Moves!” would become the biggest basketball magazine in the world? Our cover lines might have changed with the times, but one thing hasn’t: You, our amazing fans and readers. We wouldn’t still be churning out the best mag and website out if it weren’t for you guys. For our upcoming 200th issue, we want to get your take on the best and worst of the SLAM era—from the best cover to your favorite kicks and more—so we put together a few surveys. Here’s the first, about SLAM, the Magazine…what you love, what you hate and everything in between.

Take the poll now, look out for the other ones soon, and be sure to pick up our 200th issue when it drops in June to see the results!

Click here to take the first SLAM 200 Reader Survey.

(PS, the poll works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, but we suggest taking it on a desktop or tablet for best viewing.)