Slamadamonth, SLAM #106: Chris Paul

chris paul

Originally published in SLAM 106

Dear Dwight,

I was chosen to write this letter to officially welcome you to The SBDOBLMFPG Club (we’ll explain that later). There’s no need to be ashamed, really, because everybody gets in sooner or later. It’s just that the initiation is never pretty.

Yeah, even I got caught out there. You probably even saw a clip of it once or twice. And I mean, hey, for us shot blockers (there’s your SB) it’s part of the business. You know, like that “you reach, I teach” nonsense that MJ was talking about a few years back. And us shot blockers reach a whole lot. Yes, we get a lot of ’em. We do an awful lot of teaching ourselves. But it’s the ones that get through that people remember.

I still remember mine like it was yesterday. Because getting dunked on (there’s your DO) by anyone hurts, but it’s the little dudes that are the worst. I’m not gonna lie, Kevin Johnson got me. Got me good. I wasn’t gonna get caught by a point guard again (BPG for ya), but once was enough. I was in the club. As, my friend, are you.

Hakeem Olajuwon

P.S. The “LMF”? You probably figured that out on your own.

Russ Bengtson