Slamadamonth, SLAM #163: Blake Griffin

blake griffin

Originally published in SLAM 163

We here at Slamadamonth headquarters have no particular psychic powers. We are not, despite any evidence to the contrary, able to read the minds of players, fans, coaches or anybody else. However, sometimes we take educated guesses, and if they happen to be accurate, that’s a lucky coincidence. So, with no further ado, the thoughts of several Clippers players at the very moment shown here:


DEANDRE JORDAN: “Yo Blake, I’m open. I’m open! I’M OPEN! Man, I do all this work to run all the way back downcourt and free myself on the baseline and this is the thanks I get? Damn, I wish that Warriors’ offer had just been a little bit better. Wait, but then I’d have to guard him four times a year. Er, nevermind.”

RONNY TURIAF: “You know, I was in the video, so I know Kobe jumping over that Aston Martin was just a bit of editing joie de vivre. And that whole Kia thing was kind of embarrassing. But mon dieu, I’m pretty sure Blake could jump over the team bus.”

LAMAR ODOM: “Jeez. If the Mavericks had someone like this, I would have tried last year.”

Russ Bengtson