Slamadamonth, SLAM #169: Taj Gibson

taj gibson

Originally published in SLAM 169

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Taj Gibson hurled the copy of Life & Style across the room. “I can’t believe it!” Gibson had followed Kim and Kris first with eager anticipation, then with a growing horror. This had to stop. But what could he do?

The Brooklyn-born Gibson fell in love with California while at Stoneridge Prep and chose to attend USC. The weather was one thing, but the celebrities were something else. And the Kim/Kris relationship, which started during Gibson’s second year in the L, fascinated him. Humphries was just four months older, and if it could happen to him…

Then everything went wrong. Not with Gibson, of course, with Kardashian. And mostly with Humphries who, from a distance, appeared to be the problem. Why couldn’t he just let Kim and Kanye be? Gibson vowed revenge as the Bulls played the Nets in the first round. And then he smiled.

Russ Bengtson