Slamadamonth, SLAM #192: Blake Griffin

Blake renders Kenneth Faried helpless.
by January 10, 2016


Blake Griffin is more than just a dunker. Seriously. You’ve heard this before (in this very mag) but I’m not convinced you actually believe it. What more does he have to do? He averaged 5.3 assists per game last season—more than anyone on the Clippers not named Chris Paul—and shot 40 percent from three. Blake Griffin as a stretch 4? Why not?

Well, there IS the whole dunking thing. The reason he’s still primarily recognized as a dunker is because he’s so damn good at it, and he is perfectly willing to dunk on anyone at any time.

Had DeAndre Jordan actually gone through with it and departed for Dallas, Griffin would have no doubt baptized him at his earliest convenience, and even Martians are not immune to his otherworldly hops. Ditto Team USA teammates like Kenneth Faried, who found himself on the wrong side of an intrasquad scrimmage.

For while Blake Griffin is not JUST a dunker, he still IS a dunker. A minor distinction, perhaps, but one that becomes larger depending on where you’re standing. Just ask Faried.