Slamadamonth, SLAM #97: Tim Duncan

tim duncan

Originally published in SLAM 97

For the record, the Spurs lost this game. It’s worth noting, because the Nuggets went down to San Antonio and beat the defending champs on their home court, something most teams just don’t do. It was a big win for Denver, and it seemed as if the Nuggets—one of a handful of Western Conference teams that, if healthy, could theoretically threaten the Spurs’ title defense—used it to send a message. That message being, “Don’t take it for granted. We’re coming. We’re hungry. We want what you’ve got.”

San Antonio being San Antonio, it’s almost easy to forget that the Spurs are the current trophy holders. The Pistons, understandably, have been getting all the attention for their record start, and with the All-Star break approaching, the decidedly unsexy Spurs (well, except you, Eva) couldn’t shake Dallas for the clear-cut best record out West. Meanwhile, in L.A., the Kobe-led, Playoff-bubble Lakers were predictably getting more shine than the Spurs. And that’s just the Spurs. What’s new?

So, they lost this one, but messages can go both ways. Is Tim sending one here? Maybe, or maybe this was just a decent highlight in an off night from the perennial MVP candidate.

The message, if there was one: “Keep coming, fellas. We’re ready.”

Ryan Jones