Snitching, Riley and Ron Ron

by Lang Whitaker

Real quick, I mentioned a few weeks ago that SLAMonline was still going through some adjustments and that we were working to simplify things. Well, the new new SLAMonline should debut tomorrow, after which we’ll be able to stop redesigning things every other week.

Let’s see what’s out there…

• Pat Riley issued a statement announcing that he’ll be back in Miami this year. Anyone surprised?

• Ron Artest says the Knicks can improve if they stop partying so much. Also, Shaq remains the best interview in the League.

• Check out Andres Nocioni’s line here. If he plays like that this season the Bulls might as well trade Tyrus Thomas right now.

• When the Blazers’ team president allegedly told the players “The police are not your friends,” nobody thought they’d get so much use out of that advice. But when they handed out Stop Snitching shirts before the season opener, we should’ve known something was up.

• Al Albert has left as the TV voice of the Pacers to go make DVDs. I think the truth is that Hawks GM Billy Knight demanded Albert be included in the Harrington deal.

• Will the Mavs really start Jason Terry and Devin Harris together next year?

• If ESPN Insider Chris Sheridan is playing a sport, you know it must be easy.

• The Suns want to sign somebody…anybody.