Someone Threw a Punch at Rajon Rondo in a Club

by November 21, 2011

The night prior to his charity game at Harvard on Saturday, Rajon Rondo went out to celebrate, and his evening was nearly ruined when another club-goer threw a punch (that missed) at the Celtics’ star point guard. From WHDH: “Rajon Rondo and several other NBA players were at a nightclub called Brian’s Ivy Hall in downtown Lowell Friday night when a man attacked Rondo. Rondo was the special guest at a nightclub on Friday night but apparently not everyone was impressed with the star’s appearance at the club. A man inside the club threw a punch at Rondo but there was no contact. The club owner said that Rondo was not mingling with the crowd and refused to take photos with the patrons. As Rondo was leaving a man threw a punch, narrowly missing the Celtic’s guard. Rondo was seen on Saturday playing at a charity event at Harvard, showing no effects of the night before. The club owner said the man that threw the punch was not drunk and he had no idea why the man would want to attack Rondo.”