Sonic Fans’ Sad Little Reunion in Portland

Great poster, though: “The anger may have turned into apathy. The disappointment into disenchantment. Thousands of Sonics fans were not beating down the door of the Rose Garden on Wednesday seeking Thunder blood. There was not an entire section of green and gold heckling every Oklahoma City dribble or screen or free throw. It seems many Sonics fans decided to stay in Seattle, perhaps to watch the Blazers and Thunder on television, still too broken up to watch their former heroes wearing those pedestrian blue uniforms. For those who did show for the Thunder’s 106-92 loss to the Trail Blazers, there were mixed emotions. Some fans wanted to show their gratitude, never having a chance to say goodbye. Others expressed disdain toward Thunder owner Clay Bennett, who purchased the Sonics in July 2006 and uprooted them 24 months later.”