Sonic Update

By Sam Rubenstein

sos logoTime to check in on the movement to keep the Sonics in Seattle. is the central location, but they haven’t updated in a few weeks. Their fan resource page will point you to anything you need. The biggest change since I last visited is that WNBA’s Storm are now just as much a part of the page as the Sonics.
Sonics Central is still holding out hope for that new arena, and Supersonic Soul is trying to stay focused on the basketball side of things.

I’m doing my part by boycotting Starbucks. Although this stands to possibly help out the Sonics fans, I’m doing it for more selfish reasons. I’ve read one too many Peter King columns and I’ve had it! F–k Starbucks! I denounce every cup that I have ever purchased or had purchased for me. Starbucks spelled backwards is Skcubrats. Gross. I make my coffee at home. A whole can of Folgers is cheaper than one of their drinks and you get like 100 cups out of that. Now, if I may direct you to my hero in life, The Kid from Brooklyn a.k.a. the greatest genius of the 21st century.
Where was I? Oh yeah, the Sonics. Hey, Chris Wilcox is coming back. That’s something. Can we get a protest or activism update?