Report: Gordon Hayward ‘Has Interest in the Heat’

by June 12, 2017

Gordon Hayward’s free agency is starting to gain momentum. The 27-year-old’s an unrestricted free agent with at least three playoff teams showing interest. And according to a report, Hayward’s got his eye on the Heat. Barry Jackson, from the Miami Herald, writes that “a source connected with Hayward said this morning that Hayward now has interest in the Heat.”

Hayward just wrapped a three-year contract extension with the Jazz and has been linked to the Heat for a few months now.

Jackson goes on to write:

Hypothetically, if the Heat landed Hayward with a salary of $31 million next season, that would leave Miami with $7 million to nearly $9 million in space (the higher amount if you don’t count required $815,000 cap holds for open roster spots up to 12, which will eventually be filled by actual players).

The Jazz can resign Hayward for up to $179 million, while any other team can pay up to $132 million.

h/t ESPN