Spencer Hawes is Sorry

by July 24, 2009

The big fella tries to make up for his absence in Vegas, and (sort of) explains why he couldn’t make it: “The biggest thing was poor communication on my end,’ explained Hawes on Thursday, almost two weeks after abruptly canceling his participation in the annual summer league. ‘I definitely could have handled it better. If I (ticked) people off, I apologize. I couldn’t be there for the first few days because of another commitment, but I planned on coming after that. Then when it all blew up, I just would have been a distraction. I have to take responsibility for that. But the key is I’ve spoken with the coaches and Geoff (Petrie, the Kings’ basketball president), and we put it behind us.’ Partly to make amends for skipping Vegas, but also to reassure the organization he hasn’t suddenly lost his lusty work ethic, Hawes flew in from Seattle and spent the past several days working out with his new coaches.”