Spike Lee: Knicks to Win NBA Championship ‘Very Soon’

by November 07, 2011

Film maker Spike Lee is often referred to as the New York Knicks’ biggest fan — he certainly spends enough money on the team to warrant the designation — and he’s of the belief that the squad is close to ending its 38-year championship drought. From the NY Post: “Lee has hopes that [a labor agreement] can be reached soon and talked about how the lockout is not just having a negative effect on the basketball world, but it is also hurting the businesses that surround Madison Square Garden. ‘It comes down to money. There’s got to be a middle ground somewhere. It’s affecting people, a lot of people. I bet Footaction doesn’t make as much money because before the game people come in here before the game. This whole area thrives on it, when you have 20,000 people in the Garden everyone makes money here,’ Lee said. When and if basketball does return to the Garden this year, Lee has high expectations for the Knicks, and he believes that they will be a contender for the NBA title sooner rather than later. ‘We have a great team and I keep telling my son Jackson that one day, very soon, the Knicks will have an NBA championship. People might think I’ve been smoking something but we’re going to have a championship,’ Lee said.”