Spurs Deny Tony Parker Trade Rumor

Not too shockingly, the San Antonio front-office attempted to shoot down the latest Tony Parker trade chatter (though other execs around the L seem to believe the Spurs aren’t being entirely truthful in their denials.) From the Express-News: “Responding to an internet report about discussions the Spurs have had regarding potential trades, Spurs general manager R.C. Buford on Wednesday denied that the club actively is seeking a trade that would involve All-Star point guard Tony Parker. ‘We’re not shopping anyone,’ Buford said, via text message. ‘We’ve received calls on a lot of our guys and we’ve answered the phone.’ … An executive of a team not involved in the discussions said he had no knowledge that the Spurs were seeking deals for Parker, but confirmed the belief they were ‘gauging the interest’ of teams that called about him. A basketball executive of another team said the Spurs were unwilling to discuss trading Parker to the Raptors unless they agreed to also consider taking small forward Richard Jefferson. An NBA official familiar with the Kings’ discussions with the Spurs called a deal involving Parker ‘a long shot.'”