Spurs’ Jeff Ayres Says the Miami Heat Tried Taking Out His Knees

by October 21, 2013

During their first trip back to South Beach since last June’s NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs had a terrible time. Not only were they smoked by the defending champs, but Tony Parker nearly got hurt, and Jeff Ayres accused the Miami Heat of going after his legs. Per the Express-News: “Ayres, who changed his surname from Pendergraph during the offseason, was ejected from Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals for grappling with the Heat’s Norris Cole. Ayres felt no love lost in Miami after switching to the Spurs. ‘That’s what it felt like,’ Ayres said. ‘People were trying to take out my knees and stuff. I was like, it’s preseason take a chill pill.'”

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