Stan Van Gundy: ‘I Really Don’t Give a Damn About Getting Fired’

With the NBA Trade Deadline less than 48 hours away, things are getting even crazier in Orlando. Earlier today, the front-office released a statement shooting down a report that Dwight Howard had been given almost complete control of the franchise’s moves (seriously), and Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy was completely unhinged when talking to the press corps prior to tonight’s Heat/Magic game. He’s the best. From Hoopsworld and the Palm Beach Post: “I really don’t give a damn about getting fired … If they want to fire me to please somebody, fire me. Wade, James and Bosh scare me a lot more than some rumor about me getting fired. […] ‘Nobody cares if we play well or don’t play well. It’s all, ‘Is Dwight gonna stay?’ […] SVG on rumors: ‘That’s a great profession. You never have to be right. And you still get to keep your job.'”