Stan Van Gundy Understands the Media Game

by May 18, 2009

It’s a dirty business, but SVG knows he’s gotta play along: “After advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals with a win over the Celtics Sunday night, Van Gundy was asked if the win provided any vindication for a coach whose decisions have sometimes been questioned. ‘You would think from reading [the media] that we were down 6-0 in the series and had lost every game after having the lead,’ said Van Gundy. ‘We lost one game where we had a lead going down the stretch [Game 5], unless you want to count that huge one-point lead that we had with 11 seconds to go in Game 4 that we let get away. As far as vindication, you get vindication in the coaching business until Wednesday night (when the Magic play the Cavs). And if our team’s not great Wednesday night I’m back to being an idiot. That’s just the way it goes.'”