Stan Van Gundy Wants the Hawks to Stop Flopping

by April 24, 2011

Stan Van Gundy and his Orlando Magic are down 2-1 to the Atlanta Hawks, but instead of looking on how to improve their own play, it appears they’re going after their opponents’ unfair tactics. Via the AJC: “Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said he’s fine with the physical play between his team and the Hawks in their Eastern Conference playoff series. But Van Gundy said he’s frustrated by what he calls the Hawks ‘flopping’ in an attempt to draw fouls. ‘I like it when guys stand up and fight like men,’ Van Gundy said Saturday. ‘I think that is what the game is all about. The one thing that frustrates me is all the flopping.’ Van Gundy cited three plays from the Hawks’ 88-84 victory in Game 3 on Friday. Hawks center Jason Collins drew a charging call when he hit the court after contact with Orlando center Dwight Howard and later did the same to guard Jameer Nelson. Van Gundy said Howard ‘touched [Hawks center] Zaza Pachulia in the chest on a screen and that sent him to the floor.’ ‘The one thing I learned is our guys are a lot stronger than I thought they were,’ Van Gundy said sarcastically. The Magic coach said his team doesn’t flop and ‘treats it with disdain,’ though he believes the tactic works. He said the Hawks are getting away with a lot of contact against Howard and then at the other end ‘guys take a dive and get a call.'”