Steph Curry Readying For Tough Stretch

by November 30, 2010

Word is, the NBA  features a hell of a group of point guards these days. As the SF Gate notes, Steph Curry is about to find out if that’s true: “About 30 minutes after practice ended Monday, Stephen Curry approached the media completely out of breath and chugged a Gatorade so quickly that he got brain freeze. Despite Warriors coach Keith Smart’s assertion that the players don’t look ahead on the schedule, Curry’s post-practice marathon showed full well that the point guard knew he was about to face Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook and Jason Kidd in succession. ‘That’s the point-guard position in the NBA right now,’ Curry said after finally catching his wind. ‘It’s the toughest position night in and night out of names you’re going to have to face. One prepares you for the next one and the next one. As long as I give 100 percent focus to what I’m doing defensively, I should be fine.'”