Steph Curry Says Criticism of Draymond Green is ‘Ridiculous’

Asked to respond to an article alleging that Draymond Green disrupted team chemistry last season, Stephen Curry came to his All-Star teammate’s defense Sunday.

Curry says the only thing Green does, is make the Golden State Warriors better.

For what it’s worth, Green doesn’t appear to need any sort of backup: he vows to remain exactly who he is.

Per USA Today:

“Honestly, none of that stuff (the negativity) has crept in,” said Curry, who has played with Green since he was drafted in the second round by the Warriors in 2012. “We have to respond. Obviously the article about Draymond, we all thought it was ridiculous and kind of looking through a keyhole at somebody’s life that you don’t really know about.


“We see every single day what goes on, what a guy like Draymond brings to the table for us, how he makes us better, how KD (Durant) does that for us, what Klay (Thompson) does for us, all the way down the list. And we appreciate everybody’s role. We appreciate what our common goal is. When we get back in the locker room, and practice, and when we’re by ourselves, the mood is pretty solid, something that I’m pretty confident will allow us to have maturity when it comes to the noise around us and how we handle it and not letting that affect how we play on the court and how we see each other and let that get in the way. I’m going to do my part in trying to lead that charge, and make sure it’s all about basketball.”

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