Stephen Curry Shocked By Trade Talk

When the new team owner said Curry (and everyone else on the roster) was potentially trade bait, Stephen was taken aback (and likely, quite motivated to prove his worth.) The Oakland Tribune has the quotes: “It contradicted the popular belief that Curry was untouchable. Suddenly, a trade involving Curry became a hot topic on national sports shows, sports talk radio, the blogosphere and fan forums. ‘It’s a bit of a shock, because you feel like you’re doing everything else you were supposed to be doing,’ Curry said Sunday. ‘Especially since I’ve never been in a situation where me changing teams or being traded would be an option, it’s kind of like a weird thing to think about. But they’ve been straightforward about what they see in us and it’s all been positive for me, so I don’t have any problem brushing that off.’ If you call 66 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds over two games brushing it off, then Curry indeed dusted the rumors off his shoulder. He led a fourth-quarter comeback in Friday’s win over Sacramento. He almost did again Saturday against the Clippers in Los Angeles with backcourt mate Monta Ellis limited by a sore ankle. Sounds like someone was motivated by his name and the word trade being used in the same sentence. Sounds like someone was bent on reminding everyone why he was once deemed untouchable.”