Stephen Curry: Sorry But Not Sorry Warriors are Champs

by October 14, 2015

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in basketball, and if you wanna talk trash with them, they’ll probably beat you at that game as well.

Responding to comments (mostly from Doc Rivers and the LA Clippers) about supposedly Golden State having taken an easy route to their championship last season, Stephen Curry and teammate Draymond Green fired back Tuesday.

Green says the naysayers simply can’t accept the fact that the Dubs took on and defeated all oncomers. Curry, meanwhile, chose sarcasm to make his point about his squad being the deserving champions they are.

Per the San Jose Mercury News:

“I kind of want to just say, ‘I apologize for us being healthy. I apologize for us playing who was in front of us. I apologize for all the accolades we’ve received as a team and individually. I’m very, truly sorry. We’ll rectify that situation this year,” Curry said. […] He smiled and added: “I try to have fun with it.”


“People hate change. People don’t accept change well. They’re used to Golden State just floating around the bottom of the league. […] So, it’s funny. It’s like a bitter female. Like, you ever dealt with a bitter female that’s just scorned? God! That’s rough. When you’re dealing with a bitter female that’s scorned, that’s one of the worst things in the world. And God, that’s bad.”


“Gregg Popovich didn’t say that,” Green said, referring to the Spurs coach. “That’s one organization I really respect. And you haven’t heard anybody in their camp say that. You ain’t heard anybody from OKC say that. Some of the organizations that I really respect. […] So if they’re saying that, it’s some bitterness and some saltiness going around, they’re obviously not the champs. So who cares what they say?”

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