Stephen Curry Says He Can ‘Sort of Relate’ To Lonzo Ball

by November 29, 2017
lonzo ball stephen curry

Stephen Curry sees a bit of his younger self in Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Haynes, Curry said he can “sort of relate” to Lonzo because he understands the “extra pressure” involved with having a high-profile father.

“Early in my sophomore and junior years in high school, there was a little extra pressure because of who my dad was, and I felt like everybody was kind of critiquing my every move on the court, and I was already not getting recruited or anything.” […]


“[Lonzo] can’t let what people say bother him. Use it as motivation.”

Curry also had plenty of encouraging words for the struggling 20-year-old.

After Tuesday’s practice, Curry said that he thinks Lonzo is “a great talent” who will have a “great career” (starting at 1:27):

“He’s a rookie. He’s going through the ups and downs like every rookie has, whether you’re highly touted or not. It’s all a learning experience, trying to find your way and be comfortable.


“Basically my perception is he’s working through that. I’ve always said he’s a great talent, I think he loves to play basketball, so he’ll be able to fight through that and have a great career.


“I hope you didn’t judge me off my first 20 games in the league, either.”

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