Stephen Curry Wants to Be the First to Win a Championship for Akron

by June 04, 2015

With a lengthy break between the Conference Finals and the championship round, the media has mercilessly pushed the story that both LeBron James and Stephen Curry were born in Akron, OH.

LeBron famously returned home last summer, with the stated goal of winning a title for his city, but Steph is quick to remind everyone that he’s also playing for Akron.

CBS Sports has more on the two megastars’ roots:

On the day Stephen Curry was born, his father, Dell, was playing against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Sonya Curry knew it was happening so fast, there was no way her husband would make it back to Akron to see their baby come into the world. […] “There were two hospitals in Akron, and we went to the wrong one the first time,” Sonya Curry recalled in the hallway around the corner from the Warriors locker room on Wednesday night. “So we got back into the car, and Brad Daugherty’s girlfriend had to take me to the other one.”


Labor was quick, like the boy himself would be; 2½ hours was all it took for Wardell Stephen Curry II to announce his arrival on Earth. […] “That’s why he does everything quick, too,” his mom said.


Up next: Another boy from Akron, LeBron James, and the team Dell Curry was playing for when Stephen was born on March 14, 1988: the Cleveland Cavaliers. […] “I lllllove it,” Sonya Curry said, letting those “L’s” roll off her tongue in a wave of North Carolina twang. “I love it. It’s fun. I think it’s going to be fun entertainment, and I think for Stephen, the other thing about him that I like is, he has respect for the guys that have already done this. So it’s not, ‘I’m trying to outdo them,’ per se, it’s, ‘I want to compete and I want to do well.’ […] “In his mind, he’s working hard, but it’s fun for him,” she said. “He’s loving this whole thing about playing against LeBron and doing all that. And I think that’s what helps him because he loves the game of basketball. It’s fun, and he loves entertaining. It’s going to be awesome.”