Stephen Jackson on Paul Pierce’s Trash Talk

by March 04, 2010

As Jackson made it perfectly clear to the assembled press following the game last night, he wasn’t particularly thrilled with Pierce’s chirping: “Following Wednesday night’s blowout 104-80 win by the Celtics, Jackson took issue with trash-talking by the Celtics and Pierce in particular. ‘It turned disrespectful when certain things were said,’ Jackson said. ‘You can be emotional in the game and you talk to your teammates and do all that but when you get personal and direct certain things to people as far as their manhood, that’s when the problems come up. And I guarantee you that if I wasn’t in this gym, that wouldn’t have been said to me.’ Pierce and Jackson got into a verbal battle and were each called for technical fouls with 7:31 remaining in the third quarter as Jackson was preparing to shoot free throws.”