Stephon Marbury Weighs in on the Knicks

by November 16, 2010

Starbury is watching the train-wreck in New York with an “I told you so” smirk on his mug. The NY Post caught up with him for his always interesting thoughts (read the whole thing; this is just a small sample of the delightful quotes): “Stephon Marbury took some parting shots at Knicks embattled coach Mike D’Antoni before flying to China Thursday to start his second season with Shanxi … Actually, Marbury sounded just like any other bitter Knicks fan disgusted by the team’s 3-7 start and five-game losing streak. Marbury claims to be just that ā€“ a diehard Knicks fan ā€” though he has fallen out of favor with most supporters. ‘It’s just a matter of time,’ Marbury said. ‘That’s all I got to stay about D’Antoni’s situation. I don’t pay attention to his coaching. It hasn’t changed since he won 50 games or since all the how many games he’s lost here. If he had different pieces, he’s a very effective coach. But without any players that play with the realm of how he coaches the game, it will never be. It’s a matter of time,” Marbury added. ‘It’s a countdown now. He put a countdown on his head. Now (the fans) know we’re never going to win a championship like this.'”