Steve Clifford Suffered From Sleep Deprivation, Severe Headaches

by January 12, 2018
steve clifford stent

After a month on medical leave, Hornets coach Steve Clifford revealed that he was suffering from severe headaches caused by sleep deprivation.

Clifford that that, since stepping away, he’s gotten more sleep and exercise (starting at 4:11).

“We did the testing, and the results were… Internally, I was fine. These are what the neurologist calls external issues. They’re job-related.


“As much as anything it’s sleep deprivation. That’s my No. 1 problem. It’s job-related, so a lot of it is stress. Some of it is I don’t work out as much as I should. I have been lately. Some of it could be diet.


“But like [neurologist Ki Jung] told me, 85 percent of this is I’ve gotten older, and I’m trying to sleep like I did when I was 45.”

Hornets Coach Steve Clifford Takes Indefinite Leave To Address Health