Steve Kerr Apologizes For Shouting F-Bombs at Referees

Warriors coach Steve Kerr admitted that he needs to tone it down after cameras captured his profanity laced tirade during Golden State’s 112-92 win over the Spurs.

Kerr, who occasionally lets his competitive juices take over, began to shout F-bombs at the refs after a no-call during the first quarter on Thursday.

Speaking to the media on Saturday, Kerr said he “hung my head in shame” after watching the meme on the internet.

“I need to do better. Honestly, I need to do better. That was embarrassing.


“My daughter sent me the meme—it was all over the internet. I just hung my head in shame.”


“I’m very passionate and intense, but I can’t use that kind of wording. I would never say that to anybody in a normal setting. It’s just awful.


“When I saw that I was like, ‘My God, what’s the matter with me?’ So I gotta do better.”

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