Steve Kerr: NBA Players ‘Made a Mockery’ of All-Star Voting

The NBA gave its players All-Star voting rights this year, and Steve Kerr is unhappy with how they supposedly “made a mockery” of the process.

More than 100 players didn’t bother to cast their ballots, and some guys who haven’t seen a second of action this season—Ben Simmons and Mo Williams, to name a few—received votes to start in the big game next month.

Kerr cast his ballot for reserves and is likely to coach the Western Conference squad.

Per the Mercury News:

“I am very disappointed in the players,” Kerr said.

“They asked for the vote and a lot of them just made a mockery of it…I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes. Were you allowed to vote for yourself? I don’t know. Were guys voting for themselves? There were 50 guys on there that had no business getting votes. But a lot of guys wrote in their buddies for the presidential campaign. So maybe that was their own way of making a statement. But I think if you give the players a vote, they should take it serious.”