Steve Kerr: ‘Perfectly Healthy’ Stephen Curry to Play

by February 20, 2020

Stephen Curry‘s return to action this season from a broken left hand was never in doubt, according to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Golden State owes it to its fans for a now “perfectly healthy” Curry to suit up, says Kerr.

As for Klay Thompson, who suffered a torn ACL in last summer’s NBA Finals, Kerr says “that’s a totally, totally different conversation… there’s a big distinction.”

Per The Mercury News:

“He’s perfectly healthy. He’s in the prime of his career. If the point [of not playing him] is because he might get hurt, then what’s the point of ever playing anything?” Kerr said.

“I guess the argument would be, ‘Well, we’re not going to the playoffs.’ Are we not trying to entertain our fans? We’re selling tickets to all these people who love basketball, and Steph Curry is one of the most amazing, graceful, exciting basketball players on earth. If he were healthy and we didn’t present him to our fans and say, ‘Here you go, here’s your gift for staying with us for this whole season,’ what would that say about us? As soon as he’s ready, he’s coming back. Our fans deserve it… It’s the right thing to do.”

[Draymond Green] pointed out that then-Pelicans, now-Lakers big man Anthony Davis “shut it down” last season ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

“Everybody was like, ‘He’s wrong. What is he doing?’ Then you get a guy coming back, and [they’re like], ‘Why is he coming back? They’re not making the playoffs,’” Green said. “It’ll never be the right thing, it will never be enough.”

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