Steve Kerr: Spurs’ 20-Year Playoff Streak ‘More Impressive’ Than ’90s Bulls

by January 30, 2018
steve kerr spurs bulls

Steve Kerr says the Spurs‘ two decades of sustained excellence is a “more impressive” accomplishment than the Bulls‘ six Championships in the ’90s.

Kerr noted that the Spurs have gone “20 years without high draft picks” and still remain a force every season (starting at 8:28):

“I think the 20 years is an even more impressive accomplishment because every sports league is designed to give the teams at the bottom the best odds to recover and to give the best teams the worst odds to land good players.

“So to sustain a run like that for 20 years without high draft picks, with the system basically built against you, makes it even more impressive.”

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