Steve Kerr: Steph Curry May Be More Popular Than Michael Jordan With Kids

by January 26, 2017

Steve Kerr was around Michael Jordan at the height of his fame and popularity, but he thinks younger fans today gravitate to Stephen Curry even more.

Kerr theorizes that it has a lot to do with Curry’s somewhat-relatable physical stature.

It bears noting, of course, that kids continue to obsessively buy MJ’s sneakers at a clip higher than that of any current superstar.

Per the AP:

“The crowd size is similar, but the biggest difference is the children that gravitate toward Steph,” Kerr said in comparing the two players’ fan base following. “You see so many little kids with Steph jerseys begging for his autograph.”


“They all identify with him,” Kerr said prior to the Warriors’ game Wednesday night against the Jordan-owned Hornets. “He’s probably the rare superstar where an 8-year-old kid can go, ‘He looks just like me. Maybe I can do it.'”


Curry’s new teammate Kevin Durant believes social media has something to do with that. […] “I see 3- and 4-year-olds with IPads now, so they can obviously see more highlights from Steph and follow him on his social media,” Durant said. “Access for him is a little more” than Jordan.

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