Steve Nash Calls the Los Angeles Lakers a ‘Coach’s Nightmare’

by April 08, 2013

Mike D’Antoni has been dealt a very bad hand this season, argues Steve Nash. Ravaged by injuries to key players all season long, the Lakers haven’t been able to establish any sort of continuity, and are now in serious danger of missing the Playoffs despite their star-studded starting lineup. Per Fox Sports Radio (via SRI): “On Mike D’Antoni having a tough time this year: ‘I wouldn’t say he’s happy with where we are, just because it’s been a coach’s nightmare in a lot of ways. You’ve had a lot of guys either injured for great stretches, unfamiliar with one another, no training camp to really get the necessary hours in and finding our balance and who we are as a team. So I know it’s disappointing for him and frustrating because he hasn’t been able to really have a full shot at it.’ On injuries taking a toll on this team: ‘The team has been frustrated we’ve had so many guys injured. You forget, Jordan Hill’s been out basically the whole year. I missed seven weeks with a broken leg. Steve Blake missed a ton of time. … Dwight’s been in and out a little bit. … So it’s been frustrating.’ On why this team has lacked consistency: ‘We’re not without our flaws, for sure. Although it looks good on paper, there are some flaws to our team. We know we could be a little more athletic. We could be maybe a better shooting team. … I think the biggest problem for us this year has been all the injuries and change.'”