Steve Nash Glad People Counting Out the Lakers

by July 30, 2013

Despite the front-office’s promise to be competitive next season, very few people expect anything special out of the ageing, broken down Los Angeles Lakers. Point guard Steve Nash says that’s just the way he likes it. Per “How are you feeling, physically? NASH: ‘Good, coming around. Good enough to embarrass myself on the soccer field. I’m not quite 100 percent, I can’t quite sprint, but I’ve been able to train around it, so I’ve made a lot of progress in other ways, and hopefully in the next three or four weeks I should be one hundred percent.’ What kind of forecast can you give us for the Lakers this season? NASH: ‘I think everyone’s kind of counting us out, which is fine by me. I think it’s good for us to fly under the radar a little bit. We’ve got a lot of new pieces, we’ve got guys coming off injuries, myself included. So we’ve got to find out where everyone’s health is, and then figure out each other and play together, and hopefully we can surprise some people.'”