Steve Nash Likes Trades Suns Made

Despite playing for a flawed team, and the restless rumor mill, both Steve Nash and management in Phoenix and say that they will stick together through thick and thin. The Arizona Republic reports: “I’m optimistic that it can help us short- and long-term,’ Suns guard Steve Nash said. ‘It sounds like it would’ve been tough to keep J-Rich in the summer anyway so it was a chance to take a move in a new direction. I think all three of those guys are good offensive players so I don’t think that it’s going to hurt us. It gives us more size that we needed. It should be a good opportunity for us.’ Nash said the trade was an indication that management was being critical of its own summer moves. Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby was clear Nash is part of the future and all indications are that Nash is in Phoenix to stay. ‘I signed the contract extension to stay,’ Nash said. ‘I did that for a reason. I wanted to play with these guys, some of them. At least some of them were here when I signed. I still think we have a chance to be a good team. You just got to roll with it. What are my options? Quit?’ A two-time MVP could demand a trade. ‘I could be in a city that maybe doesn’t have the guys we have,’ Nash said. ‘I want to be positive and make this a great opportunity and a great season. I know a lot of people are telling me to demand a trade. If I demand one, does that mean I get to pick my team? No. It’s not that simple. Maybe somebody could explain to me the reasoning. You can’t just go in and tell management where you want to go. I signed to play here and I want to make this team a really good one.'”