Steve Nash Says Firing May Be Good For Alvin Gentry

by January 19, 2013

Steve Nash provided an honest perspective on Alvin Gentry’s removal as the Suns head coach. Nash told ESPNLosAngeles that the Suns firing his former coach ultimately have been a good thing, considering the direction the team was headed: “Said Nash: ‘Obviously I’m sad for Alvin, but in some ways, maybe this is a good thing for him. He’s a great coach. A really good coach, and any club would be lucky to have him, that’s for sure. He’ll land on his feet, because he can really do a good job. I think the writing’s been on the wall. It just looks like it to me. They wouldn’t extend his contract. They just gave him the year to just kind of play it out. It looked like they wanted to get their own guy in there.'”