Steve Nash Thinks Phoenix Suns Can Be a ‘Surprise Team’ This Season

by October 12, 2012

Now that Steve Nash is a Laker, just about everyone thinks the Phoenix Suns will be terrible. Well, everyone but the former Suns point guard and the man brought in to fill his shoes (Goran Dragic). Per Yahoo! Sports: “Phoenix Suns fans recently eating at a local Mexican restaurant found it curious when they saw their beloved former point guard Steve Nash dining with his replacement Goran Dragic. Several of those fans let Nash know what they felt about him leaving to join the rival Los Angeles Lakers. Some fans ‘were saying, ‘Steve come back, Steve come back,’ Dragic said. ‘Other fans were saying, ‘Steve we got a new point guard now and we are going to beat your ass.’ […] Dragic will need time to get used to seeing Nash in a Lakers uniform, especially considering how much Nash used to detest the Lakers. ‘I was shocked,’ Dragic said. ‘Every time we played against the Lakers he was like, ‘Let’s beat ’em. I don’t like the Lakers.’ Now, he’s over there.’ […] Suns coach Alvin Gentry thinks his team has the talent to be better than expected this upcoming season. Nash agrees. ‘They can be a surprise team this year,’ Nash said. ‘They brought in a lot of guys who can play. They brought in some young guys and put themselves in a position to build. I think they did a great job.’ […]Gentry has told Dragic the Suns are ‘your team.’ Dragic ‘has a lot more confidence now than when he left here,’ Gentry said. ‘He feels like he belongs. He feels like a real solid player. We’re happy to have him. I told him, ‘We are not replacing Steve. We are starting Goran Dragic as our point guard.’ Dragic is looking forward to the challenge of finally proving himself as an every-day starter. ‘When I was a kid, I dreamed about the moment of when I’d be a starter in the NBA,’ Dragic said. ‘Everyone wants to be a starter in the NBA. …It’s going to be a real challenge for me, but I’m not scared.'”