Steve Nash Wants the Phoenix Suns to Play Faster

by January 06, 2012

Steve Nash became a household name largely due to the “Seven Seconds or Less” mantra, but the Phoenix Suns no longer play fast and furious ball, a fact which their floor leader would like to see changed. Reports the Arizona Republic: “Most of the NBA does not match the pace with which the Suns play this season. Most teams are not that slow. The team that reintroduced up-tempo play seven years ago has turned pedestrian. As unfamiliar as the Suns’ shooting (42.1 percent) and scoring (91.3 points per game) are, there is nothing stranger than watching the Suns play methodically. At 90.7 possessions per game, the Suns’ pace ranks 23rd in the NBA and ahead of only New Orleans in the West, according to ‘We would like to get the pace up,’ point guard Steve Nash said. ‘We’ve had stretches where it’s pretty good but overall it’s not that good. (Giving up offensive rebounds) hurts it for sure by spending a fairly good percentage more time on your defensive end.'”