Steve Nash’s Future Uncertain

by Sam Riches/ @sam_riches

At 37 years young, Steve Nash is still one of the premier point guards in the League. By his own account, he believes he has at least three years of high-level basketball left.

Nash’s play-making ability, dead-eye shooting and locker room presence are coveted assets and with an aged Phoenix Sun’s squad inevitably heading towards the rebuilding stage, the crafty Canadian is constantly rumored to be on the move.

With the Draft set for tomorrow night, rumors are now surfacing that Nash could be sent to Minnesota for a package that includes the number two pick. Phoenix has adamantly denied these allegations.

Other rumored destinations have included the Knicks, Lakers, Mavericks and the Raptors.

For his part, the two-time MVP is saying that he wants to remain with the Suns but doesn’t deny the possibility of being traded.

From the Times Colonist:

“’Given I feel a loyalty to the team [Suns] and community of Phoenix. That’s all I’m thinking about at the moment. I don’t plan on leaving. I have plans of getting them [Suns] back into the playoffs and again contending for a championship. But Toronto would be amazing…and to be at home in Canada. To [hypothetically] be part of their [Raptors] future success would be great.’”

Nash is under contract for one more season at $11.7 million and unless he suddenly changes his mind about wanting to remain with Phoenix, the most likely scenario is that he will be a member of the Suns until he hits free agency.