Stotts blogs from Africa

By Sam Rubenstein

It can’t possibly get more quiet on the NBA front than it is today. Drew Gooden signed an extension with Cleveland. Great. Terry Stotts is blogging from basketball without borders in Africa and Amare is taking the Phoenix thing literally. You know, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. As Lang already posted, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is dumping garbage on his neighbors.

Today is a day of 9/11 reflection and complaining about phantom offensive pass interference calls and way too many penalties. The most exciting NBA action out there right now is the commenters debate taking place on our top 50 NBA players list. I’ll be spending most of time today reading different people’s 9/11 memories and about what’s happened in the five years since then. If you’re doing the same and you need a break from something that heavy and want to tackle a much less serious topic, we’ve got Chris Kaman ranked as the 48th best player in the NBA.