StubHub Says New York Knicks Are Highest Selling NBA Team Headed Into Season

With their superstar guaranteed to stay in the Big Apple for at least another year, Knicks fans have been buying tickets without hesitation. According to a StubHub press release, the Knickerbockers have the highest ticket sales to date. As the season comes closer, StubHub crunched some numbers to give fans insight as to what the hottest games will be in ’13-14. Take a look at what the major ticket marketplace found out:

Top 5 Selling Teams To Date:

1.     New York Knicks

2.     Brooklyn Nets

3.     Miami Heat

4.     Chicago Bulls

5.     Los Angeles Lakers

Largest Spike in Demand:

Houston Rockets’ new addition Dwight Howard is pumping up Rockets fans – the team has seen the biggest soar in ticket demand of any other NBA team compared to last season.

Top-Selling Season Match-Ups To Date:

Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat (10/29)

Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets (11/1)

Oklahoma City Thunder at New York Knicks (12/25)

Trending Match-ups:

Houston Rockets at New York Knicks (11/14): Jeremy Lin returns to the Big Apple

Los Angeles Clippers at Boston Celtics (12/11): Doc Rivers returns to Boston

Miami Heat at Portland Trailblazers (12/28): James, Wade and Co. take on a dedicated home crowd as Greg Oden returns to Portland