Suns Owner Thinks Steve Nash Will Re-Sign in Phoenix

by March 02, 2012

There are no plans to trade Steve Nash from the Suns, and the team owner seems to like the chances of Nash re-signing with Phoenix when he becomes a free agent this summer. From the AZ Republic: “There is no urgency to trade Steve Nash before the March 15 deadline. Robert Sarver said he gave his point guard lifts to and from the All-Star Game, and the private flights did not include trade scenarios. This is a dangerous strategy if Nash leaves in the summer, when most of the second-tier free agents that would be in the Suns’ grasp aren’t worth the newsprint, especially when it could mean sending Gentry into the final year of his contract without a franchise player and even less talent than he has this season. Yet Sarver said he likes his chances to re-sign Nash after the season. ‘I think those odds are probably pretty good,’ Sarver said. ‘I think he likes the organization. His family lives here. He’s had tremendous success with the organization. He’s still playing well. Listen, he’s a free agent (after the season) and has the ability to look around. But I wouldn’t rule him out continuing here.'”