Suns President of Operations Apologizes to Fans

by January 13, 2011

Things have become so grim in Phoenix that the front-office is having to apologize to the fans for the squad’s on-court performance. From the AZ Republic: “After getting home at 2 a.m., Babby was quick to apologize to fans Wednesday morning when he began his weekly segment on KTAR-AM (620). Babby said he felt he owed the fans an apology on behalf of the team and pledged everyone in the organization would work harder to improve the team’s outlook. ‘If you’re a fan that’s a season-ticket holder or someone who comes and invests in our franchise or if you’re vested emotionally, you have to be feeling what I’m feeling when I watched that game,’ Babby said later Wednesday. ‘You have to be feeling what I’m feeling when I watched that game. You’re disappointed that we’re not competing. It would  wrong of me to sugarcoat that so I felt owed it to people to be candid. It’s not acceptable to us any more than it is to any of you.’ Babby, in line with Suns coach Alvin Gentry, talked about the need to compete more because he said the team is better than its record. ‘I don’t think we’re playing up to the level of our talent,’ said Babby, who said the difference in team chemistry is “stark because you’re comparing to what was last year, which was magical.'”