T-Mac on Houston: ‘Wasn’t My Fault it Ended the Way it Did’

by December 08, 2010

Tracy McGrady was back in H-town last night, and though he says he’s moved on with his life and career, his comments came laced with delicious bitterness about the way things ended. From the Houston Chronicle: “Back in Toyota Center for the first time since he was traded, Pistons swingman Tracy McGrady said he regretted the way his time in Houston ended, though he said there was nothing he could have done differently. ‘It wasn’t my fault it ended the way it did, but yeah, I regret it,’ McGrady said. ‘I want to know who they’re blaming around here now that I’m gone.’ Asked if Houston was too hard on McGrady, Chuck Hayes said that comes with the territory. ‘He was scrutinized a lot,’ said Hayes, who has remained friends with McGrady after five seasons together. ‘That goes with every superstar. If Orlando’s not going well, they blame Dwight (Howard). If the Big Three is not playing well, they’re going to blame them. When you’re the leader and you’re the star of the team, you’re going to be the most criticized and (get) the scrutiny. Were we too hard? I don’t know, but it’s expected.'”