Taj Gibson Says Chicago Bulls are Tougher Than the Brooklyn Nets

by April 29, 2013

According to Bulls forward Taj Gibson (and some other, unnamed Chicago teammates), the Bulls are simply a tougher team than the Brooklyn Nets. The comments will surely add some spice to tonight’s pivotal Game 5 in BK. Per the Chicago Sun-Times: “Bulls players privately were hoping to land the Nets in the first round leading into the final week of the regular season, with one player saying off the record, ‘Not a lot of heart. Watch what happens to them late in close games.’’ Considering what the Bulls did to the Nets in their Game 4 come-from-behind victory in triple-overtime Saturday, there’s no need for such comments to be off the record. The players know that when it comes down to heart, toughness, will and playing team basketball when it matters most, the Nets just aren’t in the same class. ‘From my perspective, I think so,’ Bulls power forward Taj Gibson said, when asked if the Bulls are just a tougher team than the Nets. ‘I mean, we had a lot of injuries this year. For the last three years we’ve had a lot of injuries, and we’ve always been able to overcome the injuries. We have guys that can step up on any given night and play 48 [minutes], play whatever is needed. That’s the difference. We have guys that are ready to step into that moment, and it shows.’'”