Technical Foul Trouble Mounting for Celtics

by June 11, 2010

Both ‘Sheed and Kendrick Perkins need to keep their mouths shut and emotions under control if they expect to play the rest of the NBA Finals. From the Globe: “Rasheed Wallace now finds himself in the same danger zone as Kendrick Perkins. Wallace was one of the catalysts in the fourth-quarter charge that helped the Celtics tie the NBA Finals at 2-2 with a 96-89 win over the Lakers  last night, but he walked away from the win with his sixth technical foul of the playoffs, leaving him one shy of an automatic one-game suspension. He picked up the technical with 7:25 to go in the fourth, exaggeratedly shocked at being called for a foul on Kobe Bryant under the basket. There have been times in the Finals when Wallace was so shocked by calls that his face lit up in equal parts surprise and outrage, high-stepping and dancing away from both the play and the officials. After being called for the foul on Bryant by Scott Foster, Wallace did the same dance from the basket almost to halfcourt, but this time the officials had apparently had enough, leading to the technical. The Celtics came into the series having to deal with Perkins on the technical foul bubble after having one technical from the Eastern Conference finals against Orlando rescinded. Now, they’ll have another one of their big men walking on eggshells. ‘I hope they rescind that one because I thought he did a dance but he ran away,’ said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. ‘I didn’t think he said anything. The dance was funny, and so I could see it, but I don’t know. I just wish they hadn’t given it to him. It is a concern.'”