Terrell Owens Motivated Kobe’s Second Half Assault?

by Jeremy Bauman / @JBauman13

TO was a popular man last night at Conseco Arena, walking around to sign autographs and saying what up to some old friends. While waiting to talk to Kobe after the game I got a chance to listen to TO discuss the early part of the season:  “Its been very exciting with that trio down in Miami. They created a stir during the offseason and it didn’t start so well for ’em but they’re startin’ to heat up now, startin’ to get that chemistry goin’, you know? There’s been a lot of streaks — Boston’s playing well. New York’s playing well with the addition of Stoudemire and obviously the Lakers are continuing to do their thing. Right now its early in the season so things are starting to heat up.”

And after Kobe played the role of distributor in the first half,  Owens had a quick chat with him at halftime. Did it motivate Bryant to come out and drop the 26 points, on 11-14 shooting, that he did? According to Terrell: “He was quiet in the first half so I told him to shoot a little bit. I told him, I drove all the way up here from Cincinnati, and I came to see a show. In the second half he put one on and did his thing.”

You be the judge…