Thad Young, the Weakest Link

by Marcel Mutoni

According to the Orlando Magic, anyway. Welcome to the Playoffs, youngster!

The Magic absolutely had to win Game 4, and with the ballgame (and series) hanging in the balance, they knew exactly which Sixers defender they wanted to exploit.

The man responsible for knotting up the series at 2 wins apiece – and doing it in dramatic fashion – laid out the Magic’s crunch-time game plan to the Philly Inquirer:

“Whoever ended up with Thaddeus Young guarding was going to get the shot,” Turkoglu said, of the Magic’s 84-81 victory Sunday night. He went on to suggest that Rashard Lewis would have had the opportunity to play the hero had Young been shadowing him.


Young was unavailable for comment yesterday, but Sixers coach Tony DiLeo said he can understand why the Magic might have elected to pick on him, if that indeed is what happened. “I take it as Andre Iguodala being a premier defender in this league,” DiLeo said. “Thad’s a good defender, too. [But] they obviously didn’t want to go against Andre Iguodala.”So, will Young stew over being singled out in such a negative manner by Turkoglu? “I don’t know,” DiLeo said. “Thad’s very grounded. I don’t think this will [adversely] affect him. It may motivate him in some way, but he certainly won’t be down.”

Young will have to win more than just a hugely important Game 5 in Orlando tonight. There will also be the question of his pride, especially with Hedo Turkoglu staring him down.