The championship game needs champion kicks!

Check out the Adidas march madness collection superstar TS’s if you haven’t seen ’em already . These are the only ones that matter tonight but, you can find your schools colorway’s at Finishline, Eastbay or The damage on these aren’t too bad, a nice crispy c-note should take care of the bill.

The Championship game is going to be crazy! I actually picked Memphis to lose to Georgetown in the final but seeing how the Hoyas tournament run was cut short about a week or so ago I have to pick a new winner. I’m going to go with the tigers, I’m feeling like those guys can beat Kansas tonight, then again when I spoke to Darnell Jackson ( backboard issue 117) he did promise me he will make this a memorable tournament. I wish I listened to him, maybe I wouldn’t be 19th in my office pool.